Awkward Hugs

flour and a sausage biscuit

This morning I ate three Sausage Biscuits from McDonald's on my way into work. Big mistake – you should never order more than two breakfast sandwiches at a time.

Later in the day, while chatting with my coworkers, I made the claim that "That has to be just about the most calories you can get for a dollar, probably even more than a dollar's worth of flour mixed with water."

Most people would have left it at that, having better thing to do with their lives, but I didn't. Here are the results of my study:

Sausage Biscuit: 680 Calories / $1.00 = 680 calories/dollar

Flour: 7500 Calories / $3.69 = 2032 calories/dollar

Flour is the clear winner.

And, I am the loser. Especially considering that I consumed over 2,000 calories by 9:15 in the morning.