Awkward Hugs

Smashing iPhones in the Apple Store

Wow. We've all had bad days before, but something must have really pushed this guy over the edge. He walks into an Apple Store and – very calmly – starts demolishing iPhones with a steel ball. Watch for yourself:

Eventually, mall security arrives and gets the guy out of the store – but not before he destroys a dozen iPhones and a MacBook. (Ironically, he was wearing his Apple EarPods the whole time.)

The phone smasher and the security guards have some words in the mall while all the Apple Store employees look on.

The talking turns to pushing and shoving and, finally, a sprint down the hallway. Two security guards wrestle the dude into a closet, and the video stops rolling.

I want to know what happened to make this guy so pissed off. Was he a former employee? An angry customer? Or just a really big Microsoft fan?

I guess we'll never know. Well, at least not until we learn how to speak French...